I can boldly state that Kostadin Buradzhiev's great sense of choral music making is the reason the Academic folk choir to be the best choir in Bulgaria. I would always and with no doubts trust my newest songs to this choir because I am certain that what I've written would be realized the way I would have if I was leading the choir.

Krasimir Kyurkchiyski, composer 2008

I could list countless merits of the artistic production of Kostadin Buradzhiev and the choir he conducts - most of all a solid interpretation implemented with spontaneous plastic of the musical phrase, stable intonation, sense of dramaturgy, rich nuances...

Krikor Chetinyan, conductor 1991

Kostadin Buradzhiev impresses with his precise attitude when working with the choir and the exact interpretation of the authors' ideas. I can always rely on the results when I trust one of my songs to the choir. Buradzhiev is always ready to implement his own view when working on a song - something that confirms the impression of his high professionalism.

Petar Lyondev, composer 2009

The Academic folk choir has once again demonstrated its rich timbre capabilities, vocal technique, remarkable professionalism. Kostadin Buradzhiev combines his bright temperament and artistic mastery with solid professional experience, caring and "in-depth" analysis of the scores to deliver the complex and rich vocal works with dignified interpretation of the original idea of the author. Buradzhiev proved once again through the selection and presentation of the songs that he is one of the best interpreters of the vocal works of Krasimir Kyurkchiyski.

Krasimira Fileva, "Muzikalni horizonti" (Musical horizons) magazine, 2008

The priceless Ensemble "Doubrudzha" conducted by Kostadin Buradzhiev presented to us a singing entertainment sparkling of sounds. The choir was a multitude of angelic voices. Treated masterfully they turn into invaluable instrument which captivates the audience. The thunderous applause made it impossible for the Ensemble to continue with its program. The masterful performance of "Gyore dos" was the song that put the crowd on its feet making all of us believing that was the successful end of the concert. And when the choir sang its encore it turned into a triumph. This final act was Buradzhiev's true success even if it was not necessary since the entire repertoire of the Ensemble was charming enough.

Peter van Amstel – “Dobroudja behaagt met effectbejag” de Volkskrant 1994

The works of Bulgarian composers presented by your choir are a high achievement of our national culture.

Parashkev Hadzhiev, composer, 1992

The orchestra of Ensemble "Dobrudzha" delivered a true shock with the performance of the fragment "In the land of Dobrdzha" by Nikolay Kauffman and "Concertino for piano and folklore orchestra" by Milcho Vasilev. The marvelous performance of the pianist Zheni Kachuleva proved that the barrier between classical and folklore music is removed and with the presence of masterful performers the music turns into a great and influencing force.

Maria Dimitrova, journalist, "Silistra spectar" newspaper, 1995

To stay and create art despite the difficulties - this is the true art. The prove yourself in times hard for all of our culture. Ensemble "Dobrudzha" directed and conducted by Kostadin Buradzhiev is achieving all of that with dignity.

Ginka Dimitrova, jounalist, "Dobrudzhanska tribuna" newspaper, 1993

The abilities of V. Spasova and the choir to find the ideal dialectical nuances, in terms of both temperament and vocal production, intended by the author, made a powerful impression...

from "Contemporary presence in folklore", review of New Bulgarian music 1988, "Trud" newspaper, issue 12

...the folk choir led by V. Sapsova has a crystal sound and refined manner of sound production. Their very stylish interpretations of the extremely difficult works made a brilliant case for this music, thanks to V. Spasova and the choir...

"Rabotnichesko delo" newspaper, issue 256, 1989

...Ms Spasova's conducting is exciting and masterful... from a little song, she creates a masterpiece...

Hugo Heugebard, Flemish critic, in "Muzikalni horizonti" magazine, issue 7, 1993

...the success of the guests from Plovdiv during the festival "Europalia - Bulgaria" 2002 was due to the extraordinary finesse of the performance and the richness of timbres, which will long remain in our memory...

Madi Lenarts, chairman of "Alokuium II" (club of Belgian diplomats), Brussels, 2003

...Wherever it goes, the Academic folk choir leaves lasting impressions of a high level of artistry. The depth of music making, the balance of the voices - here again we find the "calling card" of Prof. Vasilka Spasova. It is a source of joy that her young colleague Kostadin Buradzhiev is also an excellent musician and maintains this high level...

Maria Klemans, opera singer, Antwerpen, 2003

Cherre Vasilka... The performance of your choir was amazing. Consisting of voices unusually well prepared for the performance of the unique and traditional Bulgarian songs - strong and tender voices, refined and delicate, provoking unexpected contrasts, awaking musical emotions, previously unheard by some and long awaited and desired by others... Add to this the natural choreography, by witch the listeners cannot but captivated...

Egide Vissenaekens, conductor, Belgium, 2003

I am extremely glad with the performance and interpretation of mister Buradzhiev. The excellent balance of the choir's voices, the intonational purity of the performance and dynamic beauty led the song to a successful completion. I believe that the choir has rich singing capabilities and it is conducted by strong and capable hands. I am thankful for that and I hope to meet you again in collaboration.

Angel Dobrev, composer, 2008

I have the moral obligation to congratulate you for your marvelous choir and the conductor Kostadin Buradzhiev, who performed the songs of the Bulgarian composers at New Bulgarian Music 2008, organized by the Union of Bulgarian Composers. Personally, I am happy that my song "Znaesh li milo libe" was in the hands of a person deeply involved with the secrets of the Bulgarian folklore choir, a person who masterfully represented the song with all of its characteristic ornaments, nuances and dynamic. Equal applause goes the the young women who performed our songs with great responsibility. That comes to show that the Academic folk choir is led professionally and with purpose. I saw the future directors of the folklore choirs, a tradition started by Filip Kutev that presents the choral music in a different and interesting manner before the foreign audience.

Gencho Genchev, composer, 2008