Assoc. Prof. Kostadin Buradzhiev PhD, was born in 1958 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Conductor and artistic director for many years of the State ensemble “Dobrudzha” – Dobrich with over 1 000 concerts in Bulgaria and abroad, including Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Russia, China, Thailand, Laos, etc.
With the Ensemble, Kostadin Buradzhiev has published 4 vinyl albums, 6 CD albums (“Presence”, “Songs and dances from Dobrudzha”, “Dobrudzha three”, “Song and love”, “Magic voices from Bulgaria” vol. 1 and vol. 2 (published by SABAM – Belgium). In all those albums there are original compositions by Kostadin Buradzhiev.

For his work he is honored many times:

  • Laureate of the 10th World youth festival in Berlin 1973;
  • 1st prize from the competition "Young musician" in Chirpan 1977;
  • 3rd prize from the competition "Young musician" in Chirpan 1982;
  • "Golden lyre" in 1994 and 1999;
  • "Silver lyre" in 1989;
  • 4 first prizes from the international festival "The world is music" in Italy 1998 in the categories "Folk choir", "Folk orchestra", "Folk ensemble";
  • 1st prize "Contest of the folk orchestras" in Silistra 1995 "Musician of the year" in Dobrich.

    Kostadin Buradzhiev is professor of conducting for folk orchestra and folk choir at Academy of music, dance and fine arts – Plovdiv as well as Chief conductor of the Academic folk choir. With the choir he has many spectacles and honors the major ones are:

  • concerts in Europalia, Belgium in 2002;
  • published a CD in 2004;
  • 1st prize from the competition “Folklore without borders’’ in Dobrich, Albena in 2005;
  • CD ‘’Orpheus’ flowers’’ with soloists from the Academic folk choir;
  • CD ‘’Bulgarian folklore masterpieces’’ with compositions by Krasimir Kyurkchiyski;
  • “Gold medal” from the 5th Choir Olympics in Graz, Austria 2008;
  • The title “World choir champion” in category “Folklore” from the 5th Choir Olympics in Graz, Austria 2008;
  • The national music award “Crystal lyre” founded by The Union of the Bulgarian music and dance activists, the Ministry of culture and FM+ radio;
  • Honorary diploma from the Ministry of culture for high artistic contribution to the Bulgarian culture in 2010.
  • In 2005 Kostadin Buradzhiev completes his dissertation on the subject “Performing skills in playing tambura’’. For his work Kostadin Buradzhiev became PhD.

    Parallel to his conducting career Kostadin Buradzhiev has done many recordings of his works and arrangements in radio Sofia. He has recorded as a solo tamburist many of his original compositions for tambura.

    Kostadin Buradzhiev published various textbooks for folklore instruments plus 4 books for tambura – solo compositions with piano accompaniment, orchestra, etc. Books with songs for folklore choir, folklore orchestra. He is author of publications on the problems of the Bulgarian musical folklore. He is author of the books “The Plovdiv composers and the Bulgarian musical folklore’’; ‘’Small book for tambura’’, ‘’The master of the pauper piano’’ – a book for the life and work of the great Bulgarian tambura master Rumen Sirakov.

    Kostadin Buradzhiev, PhD is one of the distinguished authors and interpreters who enrich for years the Bulgarian musical culture with his art. His biography is full of fruitful stages, different angles as performer, musical explorer, conductor, professor and a publicly active person.

    Years ago I publicly acknowledged and admired the conducting success of his father – Mihail Buradzhiev, who had created a wonderful amateur female choir and despite that he was performing some of the hardest Bulgarian folklore songs.

    Years later as a professor I enjoyed the success of Kostadin Buradzhiev as a student with lively intelligence as a performer and conductor, later confirmed with his work with Ensemble “Dobrudzha” – work that brought high achievements to this formation.

    The extremely fruitful work of Kostadin Buradzhiev with the students of the Academy of music, dance and fine arts, as well as his scientific achievements, his books and the highest award in the World choir games in 2008 – all of the above is a proof of an active evolution of a musician constantly contributing to our Bulgarian musical culture.

    I am obliged to give credit to Buradzhiev’s conducting work – always precise and efficient, with characteristic manual technique and varied style, with power and control. His choir is always prepared, with no surprises, with great artistry and emotionality, delivering properly the style treats of the songs sung. We have to remind once again the words of the composer Krasimir Kyurkchiyski about Buradzhiev’s work.

    I highly rate Buradzhiev’s author works based on Bulgarian folklore intended for various music groups – solo instruments, folklore choirs, folklore orchestra and piano, etc. These works are all written with precise, harmonious touch which is laconic as well as moving. The accents of the rhythm, the strict form and instrumental demonstrate and bring forward the quality of all instruments, the “language” of the choir – all these elements make possible for the songs to communicate with the audience and show in an artistic way the beauty of the Bulgarian folklore song and instrumental melody. Buradzhiev’s years long professional work are visible throughout all his work.

    Looking back at the concert programs of the conductor Buradzhiev I ought to acknowledge their high quality, the original interpretations, art-works which made us – the Bulgarian composers, to be grateful for the chance that our songs were presented in a wonderful manner to the Bulgarian musical audience. Without any doubt the Bulgarian culture will benefit from the many concerts of Kostadin Buradzhiev yet to come. This results dramatically on the image of Bulgaria to the world – a balance greatly damaged in recent decades. Only active export of our national musical culture will restore the main reason to be proud and to enrich the other cultures. And this Kostadin Buradzhiev does with extreme ease and artistic presence.

    Nikolay Stoykov, PhD